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Non-Judgemental, Professional, and Confidential


At certain points in our lives, any one of us can feel stuck, face challenges and frustrations, or have a sense of dissatisfaction in the way we live our lives. These difficulties can lead to depression, anxiety, distress, relationship breakdowns, and/or  a fragmentation in our sense of self. 

Making the decision to approach therapy is a positive one. Therapy can provide a professional, non-judgemental, safe space to explore, reflect and be heard, to gain clarity, and to challenge yourself. People from any age can grow and change from the experience of therapy.

There is no wrong time to begin!

Online Therapy Services


Therapy Emails

You have given me the guidance to see the 'stars through the trees' in so many ways; and I am very grateful to you.


Thank you for being a constant, reliable and calming influence through all the ups and downs.

Words cannot describe the difference our sessions have made in my life, and how much I've appreciated your warm, genuine and open approach.


If you are curious about online therapy, and have questions about the services I offer, prior to booking a session, then please do email me. I will endeavour to respond within 3 working days.

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