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Therapy Emails

With therapy emailing you can take your time with what you want to say and write at a time which feels more therapeutically beneficial for you - either when things are especially difficult, or when your mind feels clear and you feel more able to articulate what you want to say. Or perhaps when  you have some private time and space during your day or evening.

Painful thoughts and feelings can often get stuck in the mind. Some people find expressing themselves through writing easier than talking to someone face-to-face.  Expressing yourself through writing can in itself be extremely cathartic and often a sense of relief is experienced on composing an email, and then again on completing and sending it to your therapist.  Getting a response from your therapist that offers validation, acceptance, and understanding of your thoughts and feelings can be powerful. Exploration and the facilitation of insight in a non-judgemental approach can also encourage self-reflection, clarity and self-compassion.


Your emails and your therapeutic responses can be available for your own reference for as long as you wish. it can often be helpful to reread these, to take in and process events, thoughts and feelings; and at later dates to observe changes. 



How Therapy Emailing Works

  • I use an encrypted email account ( to ensure your privacy remains intact, and recommend you also sign up to protonmail so that the encryption is operating throughout our email therapy sessions. This is a free email account (for up to 500MB of storage) and very easy to sign up for by following the link

  • I will send you payment details once we have agreed to commence therapy.  (I recommend you consider emailing approximately once a week). Then you write and send an email to me in your own time.  I will respond within 3 working days of receiving your email and payment. 


  • I will spend 1 hour on my therapeutic response - you may also like to spend a similar amount of time on your email, as this provides a good indicator as to the length of email you send me.


  • I will label my emails TE1, TE2, .....etc so that you may distinguish between these charged therapy emails and my non-chargeable administration emails.


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