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New Client & Fees 

If you wish to start therapy online please send an email giving your contact details, a brief description of your concerns, and whether you are seeking 'therapy email' or 'live webcam' sessions. This will be an opportunity for you to express your situation to me and ask me any questions you may have about how we might work together. Please also complete and attach a 'new client information form'.  I will email you back, as soon as possible, confirming your form has been received and that we are ready to commence therapy.



Single Email Session   - £45
Set of 5 Email Sessions -£210
Single Webcam Session  - £55
Set of 5 Webcam Sessions - £255

Payment can be made via bank transfer.

Details will be sent to you prior to commencement

of therapy.

I recognise that you may find it difficult to ‘justify’ spending money on your mental health and wellbeing. As a private therapist, my fees reflect my training and experience balanced with my wish to offer affordable therapy. It may help to think of paying for counselling as an investment in yourself, and that the very act of taking this step demonstrates a belief in your own worth. 


If you are unable to afford the services of a private therapist there are some alternatives that you might want to investigate.

Free or Low Cost Counselling Options:

It may be possible to get counselling and psychotherapy through your GP. Your GP may have counsellors working within your GP practice, though this is now not too common. They can refer you on to a variety of psychological therapies services, including Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). 

You may like to check if your employer provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for its staff. Through this route you can access free short term counselling. EAP’s are separate organisations, independent to your employer, and operate confidentially.
Most higher education colleges have a counselling service, as do many schools. If you are a student, found out about your in-house counselling service and see if they can help.

Low cost therapy links:
You can also search your local area for low cost counselling offered by independent charities, and Women’s Centres. 


Self-Help Links:


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