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'Live' Webcam

Similar to traditional face-to-face therapy, a live webcam permits both the client and therapist to see and hear each other at the same time, whilst providing the additional benefit of easier more convenient access (provided both parties have access to a webcam).  Verbal and non-verbal cues can be picked up on which can also assist with the therapeutic process.

However unlike traditional face-to-face therapy, where the responsibility for providing a safe confidential space for discussion and exploration lies solely with the therapist; in online webcam therapy, both the client and the therapist agree to take on this responsibility. Therefore both parties work to ensure that the therapy 'session' is private and relatively calm (e.g. takes place in a quiet room and at a time when no family members can intrude) and that the computer used is password protected preventing other family members from accessing private contact records.

I and my clients use either Microsoft Teams or Zoom platforms to communicate. (These are similar to Skype, also free, but encrypted and more secure). 


How 'Live' Webcam Works

  • Send me an email and initial information form (found on the 'new client & fees' page of this website) and I will respond within 3 days to agree a mutual convenient appointment day/time. (Ideally we will try to keep to this day / time on a weekly basis, although I will be as flexible as I can to fit in with your requirements).

  • If you have not used Microsoft Teams or Zoom before then download one of these platforms on your PC, tablet or phone (using your app store, or via your internet search engine). 

  • Sessions are 60 minutes long, and start from the agreed appointment time. Payment is required at least 2 days prior to the day of the session. I will send you details of how to pay prior to our first session. (See Online Therapy Agreement for cancellation policy). 


  • I will email you a 'meeting invite' one or two days prior to our session. The email contains a 'meeting' number for you to input from the Zoom or Teams app, or a link that you click on via your email.

  • It is advisable to test your webcam and audio before our session starts. You might like to sit further back from your screen to help relax and provide a more 'natural' feel to our session. If you are not present online I will continue to try and connect with you during the following 15 minutes. 

  • If during a session we lose connection I will try to call you to reconnect. If this is not possible I will email you to arrange an alternative time/ day in which we can use the remaining 'unused' session time. 


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